George St. Pierre nel Team olimpico canadese?

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George St. Pierre nel Team olimpico canadese?

Messaggio Da karelin il Gio Dic 17 2009, 20:55

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George St. Pierre on the Canadian Olympic Team?

Eric Streler

George St. Pierre has made it very clear that he wants to wrestle in the 2012 Olympics in London for the Canadian Olympic wrestling team. The chances are very slim.

George St. Pierre is considered to be the premier welterweight mixed martial artist in the world. He has successfully defended his title for a while now and if it wasn't for an unexpected loss, he would have had it for much longer. He is now about to embark on a new journey: wrestling for the Canadian Olympic team in the 2012 Olympics in London.
George St. Pierre in the Olympics

St. Pierre has wanted to wrestle in the Olympics for a long time now. He has trained very often with the Canadian Olympic team and now will begin to make his case for the spot at 74kg. (163lbs.) for the 2012 Olympic team. The problem for St. Pierre is that he has a lot of competition at that weight.
Matt Gentry is a former NCAA Champion at that weight and wrestled for Canada in the 2008 Olympics. He plans to try out again for the 2012 Olympic team. Gentry isn't even to be considered the best wrestler at that weight in Canada. Evan McDonald is the favorite. McDonald wrestled for Canada at the World Championships in September. If St. Pierre is going to have any chance to wrestle for the Canadian team, he will have to beat out both of these skilled wrestlers.

St. Pierre's Takedowns – Strength or Weakness?George St. Pierre is one of the premier takedown artists in the UFC. The only problem is that in the Olympics, he won't be taking down MMA fighters who strength is in their fist. He will have the task of taking down the best wrestlers in the world.
It is nearly impossible to compare his takedown ability with just seeing how well he does it in the UFC. UFC fighters stand upright and this is a completely different stance than wrestlers who are in a better position to fight off a takedown attempt.

Dana White on GSP's in the Olympics Dana White is very supportive of GSP wrestling in the Olympics. He has no problem with one of his fighters showcasing their skills on a world stage. Wrestling is a huge part of the UFC and it would be interesting to see GSP show off his wrestling skills and how they rank against the world's premier wrestlers.
The only disadvantage of GSP wrestling in the Olympics would be that it would consume a year or more of his time. This would keep him out of action in the UFC and probably force him to step down from his welterweight throne. All of that, and St. Pierre wouldn't even be guaranteed to make the team. Right now he is in his prime and a few years from now he may not be able to regain is dominance.
It is yet to be seen how this situation will play out. Either way, it is good to see these UFC fighters wanting to represent their countries on the world stage, even if it means degressing their professional fight career. GSP has a long road ahead of him is he is going to win the right to wrestle at the 168lb. spot for the Canadian Olympic team. Keep an eye on his progress and never doubt his abilities. He may be a little overmatched right now, but with the proper training, he could surprise a lot of people.

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